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Why is a real estate company dedicated to the Plaza Brickell?

Franck Dossa - Real Estate Broker @ Plaza Brickell International Realty Inc

Franck Dossa – Real Estate Broker @ Plaza Brickell International Realty Inc


Plaza Brickell International Realty: Let us start this interview by congratulating you Mr Franck Dossa, you are now the Top Producer at the Plaza Brickell with more than 120 units sold in the two towers. Great job.

Franck Dossa: Thank you very much. I have been focused on the Plaza Brickell for several years now and I also have my offices in the building.

PBIR: Is this why you created a company with the name of the building ? What is your vision and your strategy there?

Franck Dossa: Well it is a big community with 2 towers and 1,000 units. I think that such a big community justifies a dedicated real estate brokerage. Myself and my small team know everything about the Plaza Brickell, in and out. We know the different floor plans, we know of course the amenities and the surroundings, the neighborhood, etc. I think that such an extensive knowledge is a plus for the clients we represent.

PBIR: So this new company Plaza Brickell International Realty will work only at the Plaza Brickell?

Franck Dossa: Of course not. The Plaza Brickell represents approximately 50% of our activity. We also work in other buildings in Brickell, Miami Downtown or Midtown, and all the way to Miami Beach. Actually, this is also an opportunity for us to bring more value to the clients we represent at the Plaza Brickell.

PBIR: How is working in other buildings an advantage for your clients at the Plaza Brickell?

Franck Dossa: The market is now more and more competitive, and will become even more competitive with all these new buildings coming in Brickell, but also with the development of new neighborhoods that didn’t exist a few years ago. Like Edgewater for example. Even Sunny Isles Beach up north didn’t exist 10 years ago the way it is now established. Knowing all these buildings, knowing the competition in short is capital when you are negotiating the sale or the rental of a unit. You need to know what advantages the Plaza offers compared to other buildings, and also what could be the shortcomings in the eyes of the potential buyer or the potential tenant? With the competition getting harder and harder this is very important knowledge to capitalize on.

I will actually say that this is what demonstrates for me the need for a Realtor, or more precisely the need for a competent Realtor. If you are looking to sell or rent your unit, you need somebody to represent you, and that can discuss and compare the different offers on the market. It is absolutely vital if you want to significantly increase the chances to sell or rent your unit.

PBIR: So is that your answer to some people saying that they are too many Realtors and they just post the units on the MLS and do nothing more?

Franck Dossa: Absolutely. First of all the quality of the presentation is very important. 90% of the buyers and tenants search first on the Internet. To showcase your unit in the best light you need superb photos. This is the first basic step. Then during the showing it is important to be able to answer the buyer/tenant’s questions. It is an important decision to decide where you are going to live for the next years. You can buy a T-Shirt on impulse, no big deal. But to decide where you and possibly your family will live the coming years is a very important decision. The buyer, as well as the tenant will have a ton of questions. You need somebody truly prepared to answer these questions.

PBIR: So that’s the key to your success then?

Franck Dossa: I would like to think so. I like to know all the details. I have always had a curious nature, and I like to be involved, and to know what is happening in our neighborhood, in our city, in our county, and everywhere else. This helps me excel in my profession.

PBIR: So congratulations on the creation of this new real estate brokerage.

Franck Dossa: Thank you very much. We will be working now on developing our website to add more information. The floor plans for example. We did a lot of work on the floor plans and even found a hidden closet in 2 lines at the Plaza Brickell. I will talk about that in another article. We will also work on the marketing to let the residents at the Plaza Brickell know that they now have a dedicated real estate company to help and assist them. Thank you very much for this opportunity.


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